Read About Our Security System Reviews and Feedback in Edmonton

Security System Reviews in Edmonton

Read About Our Security System Reviews and Feedback in Edmonton

Our mission is to protect people and their property. That is why we are happy to share the success stories of many of our satisfied customers. Here, you can read what they say about Amptec Fire & Security. 

“We have had a history of good business relationship with Amptec, and the technicians are knowledgeable.”

– Devonshire Properties

“Great service personnel! I like how everyone explains what’s needed to be compliant.”

– Holyrood After School Daycare

“I am always extremely satisfied with the quality of work being done for our company.”

– Lilac Properties Ltd.

“We have been using them for more than ten years on all our projects, and we like their work.”

– Veterans Housing

“We have worked with Amptec for several years and always received great customer service! They do whatever they can to complete the work efficiently and with minimum interruption to the tenants.”

– Humford Management

“Please keep providing good services at reasonable costs!”

– Humford Management Maintenance

“Someone is always available.”

– Magnum York Property Management Ltd

“Great annual service technicians, very friendly & helpful in answering questions. Amptec has done my annual service for many years!”

– Nordic Holdings / Kontos Furniture

“These guys are awesome. They are there when you need them, knowledgeable team and great service – keep up the great work!”

– KDM Management

“I have used Amptec for a renovation which was ever-changing. It was great to respond to change and meeting me on site numerous times. There were never any signs of frustration, and the job was handled in a very professional manner. I would highly recommend Amptec.”

– Fortress Properties

“We have used Amptec for many years. We have been very satisfied with their service.”

– Highlands United Church

“Amptec is there when I need them. They are my first call.”

– Sturgeon Foundation / Homeland Housing

“They are fast, efficient, kept the noise during fire inspection to the absolute minimum, will definitely use them again!”

– Stellar Condominium Management Ltd.

“We have had a history with the company, and the staff members is very respectful and knowledgeable.”

– Commercial Hotel / Blue on Whyte

” Amptec comes out and fixes the problem, and they have knowledgeable technicians. The after hour emergency works well as I have used it, and they were quick to come out. I recommend them to anyone who would like some peace of mind knowing their facility is looked after.”

– Bissell Centre

“The guys are a good and fair company to deal with.”

– Addetto

“They can maintain our buildings under one contract.”

– Town of Morinville

“Overall, I’ve been happy with the service and  professionalism of Amptec.”

– St. John Ambulance

“We were looking to change our fire safety vendors. Looking for someone a little less expensive & Amptec was there.”

– Vertica Resident Services

“On numerous occasions, I have had to use Amptec for annual fire inspection and building Life Safety Equipment upgrades. Having someone trustworthy that you know will do a good job makes my job much easier.”

– Aim Real Estate Corporation