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We understand how important it is to protect your property – whether it’s your home or your place of business. Protecting your property is why Amptec Fire & Security provides reliable commercial security systems in Edmonton for all your needs. Technological developments have allowed new ways of making what you own safe and secure, and you shouldn’t miss out on them. Our security systems are equipped with the latest technology so that we can guard you around the clock.

We understand that different properties have their own unique security needs. Therefore, we provide personalized solutions to match your home’s requirements or any other property you own in Edmonton. Our security products allow us to build an impenetrable wall of defence around your house. We have a complete range of the latest commercial security products for your every need. Get in touch with us to make your home more secure today.

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    Our Commercial Security Products

    Excellence is essential when it comes to commercial security systems. Amptec Fire & Security’s systems feature the latest technology, have a proven track record of success, and are easy to use. When you bring your security needs to us, we pay close attention to your requirements and property. We have suitable commercial security systems available for you in Edmonton.

    CCTV Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance is essential for protecting your property. It allows you to monitor all areas of your property 24/7 and document thefts, intruders’ movements, and other fraudulent activities. To deter trespassers, consider installing security cameras in all areas of your commercial property, such as retail stores or warehouses.

    Security Card Access

    The days of using locks and keys for business doors are long gone. Security card access systems provide a convenient way to prevent unauthorized entry into your office and make it easier for authorized personnel to enter using security cards and a scanner. With our advanced technology, you can block individual cards, restrict the locations where individual cards can be used, track employees’ activities, and more.

    Intercom Systems

    If someone is at the door and you don’t know who it is, should you let them in? If someone requests access to your facility, we can chat remotely with them using our intercom systems. These systems are helpful for houses, making it easy to confirm someone’s identity before letting them in through the door or gate. They are crucial for industrial facilities or apartment buildings when communicating across large distances. Intercoms allow you to control precisely whom you open the door to and provide convenient communication across a facility.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best way to keep your business or residence secure is to have a professional security alarm system. The ideal alarm system will include the following:

    1. Security cameras with a recording or 24/h monitoring
    2. Alarm systems that include window and door monitoring
    3. Motion-activated security lights
    4. Visible security signs
    5. Emergency call outs

    Yes. Under Bylaw #10922, if you are operating an alarm system in your home or business, the City of Edmonton requires you to obtain an alarm permit.

    1. Do you have proper licenses and insurance?
    2. What type of technology does your company use?
    3. What is your procedure for responding to an emergency?
    4. How frequent is your employee training with technology changing and evolving?
    5. What services do you offer?
    6. How long have you been in business?

    24/7 Security Monitoring

    Sometimes, you must deter potential intruders with more than locks and cameras alone. That’s where our 24/7 security monitoring system comes in. Intruders in your home or business will be greeted with a loud alarm so they can be scared away. We will also be alerted to their presence so we can intervene immediately. Our rapid response time comes to your advantage.

    We’ve helped many clients sleep better without worrying about their property’s security. Call us at 780-426-7878 if you have any questions regarding our services. Alternatively, you can send us your queries, and we will respond.

    Why Choose Amptec Fire & Security

    • We adhere to the highest standards.
    • We regularly update our products to match the newest technologies.
    • We have the expertise that comes with experience.
    • We have good relations with electricians across Alberta.
    • Our technicians are knowledgeable and well-trained.
    • Our commercial security solutions are long-lasting and cost-effective.
    • We believe in a hands-on approach.
    • We’re available to meet your needs around the clock.

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