How to Test If an Emergency Light Works

You must have noticed emergency lights in offices and commercial buildings. But have you ever wondered about its purpose? It is a simple device operating on a small battery connected to the main electrical supply (which keeps the battery charged). As per the building codes, it is mandatory to have these lights installed in all non-residential properties. The emergency light activates when there is a power outage and highlights exit signs to assist in the evacuation. To ensure it is working correctly, you should conduct inspection and testing once a month.

At Amptec Fire and Security, we help you test and maintain emergency and exit lighting. Our crew is familiar with building codes, ensuring the compliance of your safety devices with federal and provincial standards. Our products & services are backed by a guarantee of safety and reliability. We also provide 24/7 services to monitor your fire protection and carbon monoxide detectors.

Testing Emergency Light

There is a “push to test” button on most emergency lights; you need to press and hold it for 30 seconds. If you notice low brightness, it’s best to contact an electrician. It is advisable to conduct a 30-minute test at least once a year.

Another testing option is to locate the circuit breaker which supplies power to your safety devices. If you identify any issues with it, call our technicians to help you with efficient emergency light repair.

Benefits of Testing Emergency Lights

It’s the responsibility of building managers to keep a check on safety systems. Conducting a test regularly can:

• Reduce the cost of injuries and damage claims
• Save your manpower and assets from any damages
• Minimize the system downtime
• Keep the security device functional during an emergency
• Keep your commercial space safe

emergency exit
Let Amptec Fire and Security Help

Our trained professionals ensure comprehensive emergency lighting testing and maintenance. They perform the following activities:

• Checking battery output
• Cleaning the device
• Inspecting circuit breaker
• Testing the charging system
• Ensuring the building code is followed
• Identifying the need of battery backup

Rely on Amptec Fire & Security for testing emergency lights. With our services, you can keep a track on lighting requirements and deadlines. We can also advise you with alternate exit routes and their relevant illumination.

If safety is one of your major concerns, feel free to request our commercial security system services. We believe caring for the community is equally important as meeting their expectations and needs. Read our blog post everything about emergency lighting to learn more! Contact us to schedule our services today.