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Protect your Building with Water Sprinkler System Installation in Edmonton

Did you know that more than 80% of fire deaths occur within the home? That may look like a terrifying, staggering statistic – but fortunately for you, there are home fire sprinkler systems in Edmonton that are available to help extinguish the fire and save lives. While sprinkler systems are typically associated with commercial or industrial buildings, it’s becoming more common to find sprinkler systems installed in apartments and homes. Because fire sprinkler systems respond quickly, they’re often able to extinguish a fire long before help can arrive at the scene. And if you’re worried about property damages caused by the water in the sprinkler system, rest assured that only the sprinkler system closest to the fire activates. Amptec Fire & Security offers a wide selection of reliable fire sprinkler systems for Edmonton homes and businesses.

While hydrants are one fire protection element you must consider having around your premises; this may not always be enough. In a fire, every millisecond counts – and the time it would take for a firetruck to reach your premises may be fatal for everyone around. Edmonton’s sprinkler system installation can prove crucial to saving lives and your property, documents, and other essential possessions. Apart from fire safety, you must also ensure that your building meets the latest safety standards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A dry sprinkler system is free from water until a fire is detected and uses nitrogen or pressured air to hold back the water in a pipe. Fire Protection companies use dry sprinklers in areas at risk of freezing, such as parking garages or walk-in refrigerators. The potential damage caused by a sprinkler pipe freezing and bursting can be costly.  

    The sprinkler head contains a smoulder plug or glass tube that holds water back. When high heat from a fire is detected, the glass tube will break, or the smoulder plug will melt, releasing water. Only the sprinklers closest to the fire will open, so the water is contained to where the fire is, saving you from unnecessary water damage and expenses.

    1. Reduce the risk of injury or death
    2. Reduce fire damage to property and belongings
    3. Insurance cost savings
    4. increased property value
    5. Peace of mind knowing you have reliable protection against fires

    How Much Do Sprinkler Systems Cost?

    The costs of installing a sprinkler system will vary, but it’s usually significantly less than upgrading your carpets, paving a driveway, or installing a Whirlpool bath. Plus, it can help you reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. Experts estimate that property losses are about 85% less in homes with sprinkler systems than in those without them. While many may think a smoke detector is sufficient protection for the home, many smoke detectors fail because the batteries are either dead or removed. From disasters that we have seen in the past, you may want to ask yourself if you can afford not to install a sprinkler system in your home. For sprinkler system installation in Edmonton, we are here for you.

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    Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

    It’s essential to ensure your sprinkler system is maintained to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Some maintenance tips are:

    Remember to lock all sprinkler control valves. Locking the valves ensures that nobody can close or tamper with a valve without authorization.

    Placing effective visual communication (signs) around your sprinkler system can go a long way in preventing people from closing the valves.

    Being aware of the National Fire Protection Agency’s 25 standards also allows you to maintain the valves, pump units and sprinklers according to the established requirements.

    If you have had a sprinkler system installation in Edmonton, you must always check to ensure nothing is blocking the sprinkler system, including paint, which could prevent water from coming out.

    Be sure to have your system winterized to avoid freezing pipes during the winter.

    Have a question about residential or commercial fire sprinkler system installation in Edmonton? Rely on Amptec Fire & Security for all your sprinkler system installation and maintenance needs. Fire safety is vital for everyone, and we do our best to keep you educated and secure. After all, it is not just enough to have procured and installed our high-quality fire-protection products on your premises – you also need to know and understand everything there is about fire protection. Please contact us today for more details or address any concerns you may have about fire sprinkler system installation in Edmonton.

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