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24/7 Peace of Mind with Fire Monitoring Systems in Edmonton

Amptec Fire & Security offers 24/7 fire monitoring services around the clock when you’re not at home or at your place of business to ensure your property’s protection at all times. When it comes to a fire, response time is critical; every second matter. The more time elapses usually results in more damage to your property before the fire department can get there. As soon as a smoke detector or fire alarm goes off in your building, the fire department will get notified, thanks to our fire monitoring systems in Edmonton. We specialize in fire safety and peace of mind by offering fire monitoring systems installations and repairs to ensure they function when you need them the most.

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    How Does Fire Monitoring Work?

    At Amptec, we often get many clients confused about how their fire monitoring systems work. Fire monitoring systems make clear communication between your monitoring company (Amptec) and the fire department possible. Fire monitoring systems usually provide regular status reports to the fire department to ensure they’re functioning correctly. Designed to identify fire and get everyone evacuated from the building and the fire department on-site as quickly as possible, fire monitoring systems generate a general fire alarm signal for the entire premises, not a specific area/room. A copper wire connects the alarm to outputs that connect to input transmitters that allow the alarm to “go off.” If you have a fire sprinkler system in place, you’ll also have the ability to suppress the fire to a certain extent before the fire department even arrives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much time does it take to install a fire monitoring system?

    The installation time may differ depending on various factors like installation and the type of service required. Reach out to our team for more information based on your specific needs.

    What kind of equipment do I need?

    If there is a fire alarm installed in your building, we will install a fire monitoring panel. Our representatives can offer recommendations and quote how to configure best a monitoring system tailored to your requirements.

    Contact Amptec Fire & Security Today to learn more about our fire monitoring systems in Edmonton. You can rest assured that our fire alarm technicians are trained and knowledgeable about our fire monitoring system products and equipment. Our commitment provides you with reliable, prompt service, so you’re fully protected for your continued safety and peace of mind. No matter the size of your home or business, we’re able to accommodate your specific fire protection needs with a variety of fire monitoring systems. We’re looking out for you!