Fire Extinguisher Requirements In Alberta

Fire safety will always be a significant concern for businesses, which means you need to be responsible for the safety features of your workplace. In this case, your fire extinguisher must meet the requirements to be safe.

While you may never need to use it, it’s best to make sure you always have it ready and functional, just in case. A faulty fire extinguisher puts your employees and business in jeopardy. So, what do you need to ensure your fire extinguisher meets the requirements?

Routine Inspections

You must perform a routine inspection to ensure your fire extinguisher is safe and ready for use. While it’s only a quick check, it helps to determine whether the device has a problem or needs replacement.

A check should be performed monthly by the owner of the fire extinguisher to ensure that it has not been tampered with or damaged. Ensure you properly check for damages, a breakage in the seal and that the pressure has not escaped.

Performing Maintenance

Maintenance needs to be performed at least once a year, and you should always ensure maintenance is completed if you notice the damage during your inspection. Ensure that neither you nor others within the workplace attempt to perform the maintenance. Instead, contact a certified fire testing agency to have someone qualified to maintain and repair your device.

The maintenance may not necessarily be due to damage but as a more thorough inspection to ensure your fire extinguisher is functioning and safe to use.

Hydrostatic Testing

If your extinguisher has signs of corrosive wear or damage to the mechanism, it must be put through hydrostatic testing to ensure functionality. Certified servicing companies can only do this testing.

Recharging your Extinguisher

While the devices are built to last, the extinguisher must get recharged at least once every six years if it hasn’t been used. Recharging involves emptying the device and inspecting it to ensure everything is functional. The extinguisher will then be recharged after being made safe to use.

Reuse and Refurbish your Extinguisher

You should consider replacing if you are permitted to refurbish your extinguisher from the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC). For more information on getting permission, contact the ULC at 1-866-937-3852.

Fire extinguisher on wall of a long hall way

Where to Place your Fire Extinguisher

For your fire extinguisher to be in the best place, it must be approved by the NFC(AE) and NFPA 10 to ensure that your fire extinguisher is quickly and safely accessible in the event of a fire.

Labelling on your Extinguisher

Before your fire extinguisher can be deemed safe, it must be listed and labelled to show its approval by the NFC (AE). These labels will include multiple languages and provide all necessary information for those maintaining them, and extinguishers without tags will need to be inspected and approved.

Fire extinguisher with inspection tag getting check mark