Fire Alarm Evacuation Tips

The fire monitoring system of your Edmonton home or business is designed to protect you by alerting you to when you need to evacuate. Having a good knowledge of fire safety is important for keeping your family or your employees and clients safe.

Amptec Fire & Security, a company providing fire protection in Edmonton, wants to make sure that you’ve brushed up on your fire safety know-how. Here are six tips you should always follow in the event of a fire alarm: Never Ignore a Fire alarm.

The most important tip to remember regarding fire alarms is never to ignore one. Listen to your Edmonton fire monitoring system and evacuate the building as quickly as possible. Make sure everyone who lives or works in your building is aware of this rule.

Have an Evacuation Plan

Evacuations need to be safe and orderly to ensure everyone gets out and no one gets hurt. Have an evacuation plan in place so that everyone knows the closest and safest exist that is available to them wherever they are. Run evacuation drills regularly.

Keep Escape Routes Clear

Ensuring proper fire protection in Edmonton requires that all evacuation escape routes are kept clear. Don’t let items pile up around escape doors and windows. It is also important to ensure that any keys to doors and windows can be easily located in case they need to be used.

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Keep Clear of the Building Once Outside

Once everyone has made it outside, they should assemble in a safe area that is clear and far enough away from the building. You should ideally head across the street or further down the sidewalk.

Do Not Attempt to Go Back Inside

Make sure everyone knows that once they are outside the building, there is no going back inside until fire services have given you the all-clear. No object left inside is worth going back in for during a fire alarm.

Regularly Test Your Fire Alarms

While not a step to take during an evacuation (as your alarm is working well enough to have alerted you to leave!), you should regularly test your fire alarms and Edmonton fire monitoring system. Don’t take the chance of not having a working system in place.

Effective Fire Protection in Edmonton

Amptec Fire & Security is here to assist you in keeping your home or business fire safe. Our Edmonton fire protection services include everything from inspections of fire safety alarms to installations of effective sprinkler systems. While sprinkler systems are more common in industrial buildings, we can also install them in houses or apartments.

Don’t hesitate to contact Amptec Fire & Security today to ask about our many other fire safety products and services. Our professionals can help put your mind at ease about the safety of your property.