Emergency lighting: what you need to know

The importance of emergency lightning can’t be overstated. In the event of a fire that knocks out the power in a commercial building, it’s the emergency lightning that guides occupants to safety. And in the more common event of a power outage, emergency lightning ensures that everyone stays calm.

If you’re a property manager in Edmonton, it’s important to have a good understanding of emergency lighting: of what it is, how it works and how to ensure an optimal installation in your building. Keep reading to get the information you need.

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting consists of battery-backed lighting devices that switch on automatically when a power outage occurs. The individual emergency lights are placed strategically so as to provide occupants with an adequately lit evacuation route. The National Building Code of Canada requires all commercial, institutional, medical and industrial buildings to have emergency lighting.

As mentioned, emergency lighting allows occupants to safely evacuate in the case of a power outage. However, it serves another very important function: it lights the way for firefighters in the event of a fire, allowing them to find persons trapped inside the building and fight the fire more effectively.

emergency light

What are the latest improvements to emergency lighting?

It’s not long ago that fluorescent lamps replaced incandescent bulbs as the standard for emergency lighting. But now fluorescent lamps have been superseded too: LEDs have recently become the preferred option. Long-life LED emergency lights provide better visibility and have a longer run time.

When it comes to emergency lighting, property managers should opt for the latest and best technology, as it makes their building that much safer.

Why is professional installation important?

Installing emergency lights in a commercial building is something of a science. A professional company knows where and how far apart to place the lights so that they provide ample lighting when all other lights are out. Moreover, they should have a good understanding of the laws around emergency lighting. They will ensure that you’re in compliance with all the specific stipulations in the Building Code.

Emergency lightning and other safety solutions in Edmonton

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