Common Myths About Sprinkler Systems

We at Amptec Fire and Security would like to dispel a few common myths about sprinkler systems. Many people in Edmonton and around the world might have seen sprinkler systems go off in movies or on TV, or maybe heard a little about how they work, but often, these are just myths. Sprinkler systems are one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to protect your property and loved ones. Here are just a few of the myths about sprinkler systems:

Myth 1: When a fire occurs, all the sprinklers in the building go off.

Fact: Modern sprinklers are activated individually. Each sprinkler has its heat sensor that goes off when it registers a heat of 68°C. Most fires are controlled quickly by sprinkler systems and often only require one or two sprinklers to go off before the threat is neutralized.

Myth 2: Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are enough to protect my family and property.

Fact: Many people think a smoke detector and a fire extinguisher are essential safety precautions, while sprinkler systems are luxuries. There are, however, some problems with these tools, not the least of which is that many people in Alberta forget to change the batteries on their detector. Similarly, fire extinguishers lose effectiveness after a certain period, and people often forget to replace them. With proper sprinkler system installation and maintenance, you can rest assured that your family and property will always be safe.

Myth 3: Sprinklers are prohibitively expensive.

Of course, how much a sprinkler system installation will cost depends on your specific situation. For most Edmonton homes, however, it isn’t as cost-prohibitive as you might think. Furthermore, people often don’t factor all the benefits sprinkler systems can bring with them into their calculations. For instance, it’s estimated that sprinkler systems can reduce property losses by 85% in the event of a fire. If you choose to install a sprinkler system in Edmonton or other cities in Alberta, let your insurance broker know. You will often get a significant reduction in your premiums for your effort, which can offset any installation costs.

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Myth 4: Water from sprinkler systems will cause as much damage as a fire.

This myth is incorrect on two fronts. Firstly, fire damage is almost always much more destructive than water damage. The fire itself, the smoke, and the efforts of local Edmonton firefighters can all contribute to property damage, and fire doesn’t discriminate. It can destroy almost anything. Secondly, since sprinkler systems are targeted, only turning on in the area of a fire, any water damage is typically limited.

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