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Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Edmonton

Edmonton Emergency Lighting, Carbon Monoxide Detectors & More

You’ve got fire protection systems in place, and your home or commercial facility is secure from intruders. That’s excellent, but what else can you do to protect your property? Here at Amptec Fire & Security, we provide Edmonton and the rest of Alberta business owners, homeowners and property management companies with additional ways to keep their buildings safe. These include:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency generators
  • Backflow prevention
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

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    Emergency Lighting

    A building’s electricity will inevitably cut out at some point in time – perhaps due to a fire or disaster, but most likely simply because of a power outage. In these cases, you will need emergency lighting with a battery power source. Emergency lighting allows occupants to safely exit a building in the case of a power outage. The National Building Code of Canada requires emergency lighting systems to automatically provide lighting to commercial, institutional, medical, and industrial buildings. Safety is paramount. Not only can Amptec help building owners make facilities safer, but we can also make sure that you meet legal standards for emergency and exit lights.

    Emergency Generators

    A power outage can bring your business or home to a grinding halt. It can result in lost digital information and spoiled food, and it can even pose a serious health risk if someone in your home relies on electrical medical equipment. In such cases, it’s vital to have an emergency generator that is up to date, and that complies with standards established by Alberta Building Code. The purpose is to keep the power running until the electricity turns back on.

    Backflow Preventers

    Backflow refers to water that flows the wrong way in a plumbing system. Backflow can happen when water pressure drops due to burst pipes or fire hydrants, causing contaminated water to flow into lower pressure areas and tainting potable water. It can pose a severe health hazard, as it can cause public drinking water to become contaminated.

    To ensure contamination doesn’t happen, our backflow prevention devices automatically stop contaminated water from going in the wrong direction in a plumbing system. Amptec will perform the proper inspections in the building and will advise on the best backwater valve available. Once the backflow preventer installation is complete, we will test it to ensure the system works accordingly.

    Backflow prevention isn’t our only water-related service since we can also help with sprinkler systems, hydrants and standpipes as part of our fire prevention services. To learn more about how Amptec can make your home or building safer and more secure, contact us today.

    Building Safety

    Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer.” It’s a colourless, odourless gas that can render a person unconscious and is quickly fatal in large doses; in smaller doses for prolonged periods, it can result in gradual but severe health consequences. Moreover, it can adversely affect the well being of those already suffering from health conditions and respiratory diseases. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that the carbon emission levels in your home are within the safe bracket. By installing reliable carbon monoxide detectors in Edmonton, we can help you ensure that the carbon levels are under control.

    Carbon monoxide poisoning can be due to faulty furnaces, wood-burning stoves, propane-fuelled equipment or vehicle exhaust fumes. Since we can’t smell it, it’s essential to have a detector for your home, garage or parkade. For homes situated within proximity to industrial premises, carbon detectors can help check the harmful carbon ions in the environment. Our technicians will certify that the CO alarms are installed and operating according to Edmonton’s local building codes. Since there are many variables to consider, such as the location and different models, consider hiring a qualified professional who can install and inspect the carbon monoxide detectors.

    You can also look out for signs to check carbon monoxide emissions. 

    Do you see dark greyish or brown-yellow stains near your leaking appliance? If yes, then it can be a possible sign of carbon monoxide.

    Does the air inside your home always smell funny, as if something is burning or overheating? It could indicate that the carbon monoxide levels in your home are unsafe.

    Do you see soot, fumes or smoke from your fireplace or chimney? These are another indication for you to check for the carbon monoxide levels in your home.

    You can also call the experts at Amptec Fire & Security to guide you through checking for carbon monoxide levels and assisting you with reducing the emissions by an alternative placement of your appliances.