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Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Edmonton

Edmonton Emergency Lighting, Carbon Monoxide Detectors & More

Your fire protection systems are in place, and your home or commercial facility is secure from intruders. That’s excellent, but what else can you do to protect your property? At Amptec Fire & Security, we offer additional security solutions for business owners, homeowners, and property management companies in Edmonton and throughout Alberta. These include:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency generators
  • Backflow prevention
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Frequently Asked Questions

A generator should have enough watts to power your most critical household appliances and equipment, such as a refrigerator, freezer, lighting, well pumps, furnace fan, and air conditioner.

A generator with 5000-7500 watts can be sufficient to run the most critical equipment, with 7500+ watts more capable of running all equipment simultaneously.

  1. Exits and main routes providing access to an exit
  2. Publicly used corridors and floor areas where the public may congregate
  3. Corridors serving classrooms and patients’ sleeping rooms
  4. Underground walkways
  1. Kitchen Drains: Pouring fat, grease, and cooking oil down the drains causing buildup or blockages
  2. Bathroom Drains: Toilet paper, toothpaste, soap buildup, hair, and foreign objects causing buildup or blockages
  3. Utility Room Drains: Debris, dirt, and laundry lint can cause blockages
  4. Blockages in sewer drains

Emergency Lighting

A building’s electricity will inevitably cut out at some point– perhaps due to a fire or disaster, but most likely simply because of a power outage. You will need emergency lighting with a battery power source in these cases. Emergency lighting allows occupants to exit a building safely during a power outage. The National Building Code of Canada requires emergency lighting systems to automatically provide lighting to commercial, institutional, medical, and industrial buildings. Safety is paramount. Not only can Amptec help building owners make facilities safer, but we can also make sure that you meet legal standards for emergency and exit lights.

Emergency Generators

A power outage can bring your business or home to a standstill. It can lead to the loss of digital information and spoiled food and pose a severe health risk to anyone in your home who relies on electrical medical equipment. In such cases, it’s vital to have an emergency generator that is up to date and complies with standards established by the Alberta Building Code. The goal is to maintain power until the electricity is restored.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide, known as the “silent killer,” is a colourless, odourless gas that can cause unconsciousness and is quickly fatal in large doses. Prolonged exposure in smaller doses can result in severe health consequences, especially for individuals with existing health conditions or respiratory diseases. It is crucial to ensure that carbon emission levels in your home are within a safe range. By installing reliable carbon monoxide detectors in Edmonton, we can help you maintain safe carbon levels.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result from faulty furnaces, wood-burning stoves, propane-fueled equipment, or vehicle exhaust fumes. Because it is undetectable by smell, it is essential to have a detector for your home, garage, or parkade. Carbon detectors can help monitor harmful environmental carbon ions for homes near industrial premises. Our technicians will ensure that the CO alarms are installed and operating in compliance with Edmonton’s local building codes. Due to various factors to consider, such as location and different models, hiring a qualified professional to install and inspect the carbon monoxide detectors is recommended.

You can also watch for signs of carbon monoxide emissions:

  • Do you see dark greyish or brown-yellow stains near your leaking appliance? If so, it could be a possible sign of carbon monoxide.
  • Does the air inside your home always smell unusual, as if something is burning or overheating? This could indicate unsafe carbon monoxide levels.
  • Do you see soot, fumes, or smoke from your fireplace or chimney? These are other indications that you should check for carbon monoxide levels in your home.

You can also contact the experts at Amptec Fire & Security for guidance on checking for carbon monoxide levels and assistance with reducing emissions by relocating your appliances.