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Why You Should Hire a Fire Protection Company

Hiring a fire protection company keeps people safe and protects buildings from the dangers of fires and the fatalities that come with them. Property managers, in particular, should be aware of the benefits of hiring a fire protection company and how these companies can protect their buildings and the people living in them. If you […]

The Most Common Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Fires can be some of the most destructive events for a home or business. It can rip away photos, keepsakes, and important information that you can never replace. You must protect your home and business fire suppression systems. Amptec Fire & Security is Canada’s leader in fire suppression technology. We put together this guide on […]

What to Include in Your Building Inspection and Fire Safety Checklist

If you’re a business owner, you know that your number 1 priority keeps your employees safe. But if you work in a building, a million different things could go wrong. In fact, 1,027 Canadian workers died on the job in 2018. That’s more than 100 people every week. So how do you protect yourself and […]

How to Operate a Fire Extinguisher?

When it comes to fire emergencies, it is good to be prepared. Fire extinguishers help put out small and large fires depending on the type of fire. Knowing how to operate fire extinguisher can save your life in an emergency. If you are looking for fire extinguishers for your home or business in Edmonton, choose […]

How Often Should You Replace Your Smoke Detectors?

A smoke detector is a device that detects smoke, usually indicating a fire. Commercial fire monitoring systems activate a fire alarm control panel, whereas residential smoke detectors (commonly known as smoke alarms) provide a local audible or visual alarm from the detector itself. The smoke detectors are kept in plastic enclosures and can detect smoke […]

Emergency Planning For Small Businesses

Emergencies like fires or gas leaks can happen anytime without warning. If you own a business, big or small, it is better to be prepared for the risks. Small businesses tend to follow less formal processes and have less rigorous business continuity plans. With more at stake, we shouldn’t take the possibility of hazardous events […]

How to Test If an Emergency Light Works

You must have noticed emergency lights in offices and commercial buildings. But have you ever wondered about its purpose? It is a simple device, operating on a small battery connected to the main electrical supply (which keeps the battery charged). As per the building codes, nowadays it is mandatory to have these lights installed in […]

Emergency lighting: what you need to know

The importance of emergency lightning can’t be overstated. In the event of a fire that knocks out the power in a commercial building, it’s the emergency lightning that guides occupants to safety. And in the more common event of a power outage, emergency lightning ensures that everyone stays calm. If you’re a property manager in […]

Common Myths About Sprinkler Systems

We at Amptec Fire and Security would like to dispel a few common myths about sprinkler systems. A lot of people in Edmonton and around the world might have seen sprinkler systems go off in movies or on TV, or maybe heard a little about how they work, but more often than not, these are […]

Do you know when you should repair or replace your fire alarm?

It’s essential for your safety that your fire alarm is always in proper working order. If something isn’t working correctly, your entire system may be useless in stopping or warning of an accident, depending on what kind of protection system you have. With a fire alarm system, won’t have to think about your fire protection […]

Fire Alarm Evacuation Tips

The fire monitoring system of your Edmonton home or business is designed to protect you by alerting you to when you need to evacuate. Having a good knowledge of fire safety is important for keeping your family or your employees and clients safe. Amptec Fire & Security, a company providing fire protection in Edmonton, wants […]

How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System for Your Business A business’ fire alarms are its main method of alerting employees and customers of the need to evacuate the building, and so should be one of its highest priorities. Choosing the right system for your business from a trusted provider of fire monitoring systems […]