A Guide to Fire Extinguisher Inspections in Edmonton

Whether at home or in your business, a fire extinguisher is often your first line of protection against fire. In the ideal scenario, you never want to be in a position where you must use a fire extinguisher. But unfortunately, situations do arise where the use of a fire extinguisher is required. You want to be sure that your fire extinguisher will work when needed. For this reason, Amptec Fire & Safety in Edmonton recommends that you have your fire extinguishers inspected on a regular schedule.

Performing regularly scheduled fire extinguisher inspections provides you with the peace of mind that, when needed in the case of a fire, your extinguisher functions correctly and provides the protection you need.

How often should we have our fire extinguishers inspected?

You need to know how often to have your fire extinguishers inspected. The National Fire Protection Association provides guidelines and standards for the inspection of portable fire extinguishers.

  • In commercial or industrial buildings, either a designated member of your staff or a Fire & Safety company such as Amptec needs to perform monthly inspections.
  • A certified fire extinguisher technician must inspect all portable fire extinguishers annually.
  • Inspect and refill dry chemical extinguishers every six years.
  • Complete hydrostatic testing at the 12-year mark for dry chemical extinguishers.
  • Inspect kitchen and water extinguishers every five years.

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The steps involved in performing extinguisher inspections

Visual Inspections Include:

  • Ensure your extinguishers are in their proper place
  • Observe any potential signs of physical damage
  • Confirm the pressure gauge is in the operating position
  • Inspect the pull-pin
  • Check the weight of the extinguisher to ensure it is full
  • Inspect the extinguisher nozzle for any potential blockages

Maintenance Inspections Include:

  • Check all mechanical parts for all your extinguishers
  • Discharge test and complete recharge
  • Periodic hydrostatic pressure testing
TIP: Always ensure your company keeps detailed inspection record-keeping for all fire safety inspections.

Tips to ensure the extinguisher will work when you need it

Like car insurance, you only need a fire extinguisher in a challenging situation. You want to be sure that you will have easy access to a fully functioning fire extinguisher in the case of a fire emergency. Follow the following recommendations to ensure that your extinguishers will be accessible when needed:


  • Ensure constant easy access to all fire extinguishers. Never block access.
  • Place extinguishers next to all potential fire hazards
  • Make sure that all extinguishers are accessible to all your staff. Consider height and access limitations for all your staff.
  • Ensure that all staff know all fire extinguisher locations and are familiar with proper extinguisher operation.
Final Thoughts

Amptec Fire & Safety believes that having experts inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers is crucial. Our service and inspection services ensure you have access to fully functioning fire extinguishers in an emergency. To learn more about our fire extinguisher inspection services, please get in touch with our team today!

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